I have over 30 years of experience in deep listening, helping craft personal stories, as well as creating and directing larger scale biographical or subject-oriented oral history projects. I have included on this site descriptions of my current and recent projects as well as some of my “greatest hits” from the past. Click here for a look at some of my oral history projects.  


The Power of Story
Everyone has a story. An oral history interview or series of interviews is an opportunity for an individual to narrate and tell his or her own story. During the interview, long forgotten memories and a lifetime of experiences are framed and reconstructed into a meaningful narrative. There has been a great deal of recent research on the healing nature of constructing one’s own life in narrative form. It is astonishing how much rich detail can be remembered and how much insight and joy can be experienced in recounting our lives. I have had the privilege of working with many individuals to tell their unique story and share it with the world.  


An oral history interview is similar to a conversation, albeit one in which the interviewer says little. I gently guide the narrator through the major milestones of life and career and later help craft the narrative. Indeed, an oral history interview has been called a “shared authority” between the interviewer and the narrator. It is important to choose an interviewer like me who has the experience, skill, and empathy to conduct the interview or interviews in a thoughtful and professional way. I follow the guidelines of the Principles and Best Practices adopted by the Oral History Association in all aspects of the interview: research, conduct of the interview, transcription, and editing.    

The audio recording (and/or video recording) written transcript, and published memoir preserve these memories and provide a rich legacy for future generations. I would consider it an honor to be a part of your process. Please contact me to discuss telling your story, helping to tell the story of a loved one, or to consult with me about a larger project.