In Gratitude

I launched this site in 2016. It had been a dream of mine for at least eight years. My good friend Barbara Attwell created her site “At the Well”—and I got inspired. Barbara is a fabulous artist and her site is filled with meaning and beauty.


I had a lot of help. (It takes a village to create anything in this world—at least this is true for me.) First of all, I need to thank artist and author Ibby Taylor Greer, whom I met early on after I moved to Virginia. She is an important nexus of all things cultural and artistic in Roanoke, Virginia. Ibby introduced me to Anne Piedmont who built the bones of this site. Anne deserves a medal for taking my wispy ideas, half-cocked notions, ethereal daydreams and tying them down to reality with her excellent skill and much good humor and grace. Hers was not an easy task.


I also called on the incredibly talented sculptor Page Turner who helped me to understand my vision for the site. Not only did she grasp my vision, but she also made a three-dimensional reproduction of it (as sculptors do) that made real my notions of deep texture, shades of blue, and complex almost mystical patterns. In addition, she took my logo created long ago by my friends at Frank+Victor (one of Austin’s premier design firms)—spruced it up and added the softening color palette for the site. Page is a true Renaissance woman. 


Last but not least, New York City photographer, Takako Harkness, took the beautiful light catching headshots of me at our cabin in Southwest Virginia.  


Thank you for all your help dear friends—you are truly impressive makers—and thank you for visiting this labor of love. I’ve recently updated the material in August 2019, and hope to update the photographs soon to reflect our move to Roanoke, Virginia.