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I developed and supervised every aspect of this history project on the life of Frank C. Erwin (1920-1980), Jr., the controversial chairman of The University of Texas Board of Regents (1966-1971) and Democratic Party leader. The project created for the first time a large archive of materials and oral interviews. My role as director included visualizing the scope of the project; hiring and supervising a staff of nine, including archivists, transcribers, researchers, and narrative consultants; controlling an annual budget of over $100,000; creating a master list of oral history interviews; conducting and editing those interviews; and producing chapter background material. The project interviewed close to 200 individuals, among them Erwin's friends and colleagues--many powerful state and national figures--in addition to radical students who vocally opposed him. I conducted over 100 of these interviews, which included Lady Bird Johnson, Ralph Yarborough, Barbara Jordan, George Christian, Ann Richards, Frances Farenthold, and John Silber. 

Director, The Frank C. Erwin Jr. History Project


Oral History Project


Austin, Texas


1993 - 1997

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